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  • Dried Indian Almond Leaves used in Fish tanks

    Indian Almond Leaves For Black Water Aquarium – 20 Pieces (100% Natural)


    Indian Almond Leaves are a natural way to stabilize the water parameters of your fish tank as it releases tannins that are nontoxic and acidic(beneficial acid). It makes the water condition similar to the natural habitat of most fish in the river and other freshwater bodies found in the wild.

    This is also used as food for shrimps like Cherry Shrimps and is a great source of nutrients for them. You do not have to feed your shrimp for days if not weeks if you add just one leaf. Many in the fish-keeping hobby use it as a holiday food for shrimp.

  • Egg Incubator (Fish Hatchery) for Aquariums


    Incubators are used to separate the fish eggs from their parents. As many fish species eat some if not all their eggs. This will provide the eggs with a safe space.

    The design allows for a high oxygen environment with good water circulation which would help in achieving a better hatch rate.

  • Bio Sponge Filter for 120L (32 Gallons) and below Aquariums


    Why sponge filters you may ask?

    Well, we always recommend sponge filters for small to medium tanks which have small to medium fish genrerally. These are easy to maintain and also provide a space for benificial bacteria to grow which helps break down the ammonia in the tank. Thus it acts as a physical as well as a biological filter.

  • Sale!

    Japanese Cat Fishing Figurine Toy for Aquariums & Ponds


    Make your Aquarium more adorable with this cat figurine. This lovely little cat décor has been trending among Japanese Aquarium hobbyists for quite some time now. And now it’s available for you as well!

  • Biochemical Filter Fluidized Media


    The biochemical media plastic is made to be nearly identical to the density of water which allows it to float and tumble around as a fluid, hence the name ‘fluidized media’. The shape helps provide maximum surface area to help stimulate the growth of bacteria. This bacteria is essential to break down the nitrate waste in the aquarium through natural biologicals methods. This will keep your fish healthy as well as prevent nitrate spikes.

  • Tetra Bits Complete – All Tropical Fish Food – 93g


    Tetra Bits Complete provides the complete nutrition required by most tropical fish. It’s a one-stop solution to fish feeding. You can feed your Discus, Neon Tetras, Guppys, Betta Fish, and other such Tropical Fish.