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  • Bio Sponge Filter for 120L (32 Gallons) and below Aquariums


    Why sponge filters you may ask?

    Well, we always recommend sponge filters for small to medium tanks which have small to medium fish genrerally. These are easy to maintain and also provide a space for benificial bacteria to grow which helps break down the ammonia in the tank. Thus it acts as a physical as well as a biological filter.

  • Biochemical Filter Fluidized Media


    The biochemical media plastic is made to be nearly identical to the density of water which allows it to float and tumble around as a fluid, hence the name ‘fluidized media’. The shape helps provide maximum surface area to help stimulate the growth of bacteria. This bacteria is essential to break down the nitrate waste in the aquarium through natural biologicals methods. This will keep your fish healthy as well as prevent nitrate spikes.

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    Jet Pipe with Skimmer – Stainless Steel


    Water flow is very important for your aquarium, especially if you plan to do any aquascaping. This helps to distribute the nutrients and also the constant movement of water also reduces the chance of algae growing. This also comes with an inbuilt skimmer which will skim the proteins and oils from the surface of the water which helps promote oxygen exchange.

  • Siphon Mesh Filter to Protect your Fish & Shrimps


    This device is designed to protect your fish and shrimp from getting sucked into the siphon tube while doing water changes. This makes your work earlier and more hands-free. This mesh is made of high-quality metal which does not rust and will last a lifetime.