Nano Tanks or Nano Cubes are taking over the common interest of any ‘Fish Keeper’. Building a Sustainable Nano Tank is creating a sophisticated ambience in an aquarium within 5-20 Gallons. This includes adding various organisms that sustain each other in the aquarium cycle. These organisms include; ‘Crawlers’ and ‘Swimmers’.

Building a Nano-tank depends on an individual’s creativity, but you always need to keep make sure you have a 5-20 gallons of aquarium for the set-up, substrate, soil supplements for substrate, hardscape and driftwood, plants, filter, aquatic moss, Indian almond leaves, aquarium light, nano tank fish and shrimps.


We obviously need a Nano tank or Nano cube in order to set up a ‘Nano Tank’ aquarium. But however, it is preferable that you choose a tank that is 5-20 Gallons only. Make sure the glass is of high quality and thick (6mm at least) to prevent any breakage of glass and withstand the pressure of the aquascape and hardscape of the tank.


Although this step is optional, adding in a small amount of soil fertilizer and soil supplements simply enhances the growth and gives out more nutrients that are needed by the plants. But it is essential that you follow the correct amount prescribed in the dosage or instructions. 


I suggest you take up the best type of organic substrate for your tank, so it helps in the rapid growth of your plants and provides the nutrients necessary for your plants. Some of the best soils or substrates you can use may include ‘ADA Aqua-nature Amazonia Soil’ or ‘Tropica Aquarium Soil’. These substrates are able to Excel Plant Growth. 


It is highly essential that you add some Hardscape (Dragon Rocks, Lava Rocks, and Stones) and Driftwood into your Nano Tank as it creates an extra surface area and hideouts for the shrimps to crawl upon and your fish fry to hide in. 

Driftwood can also be used to plant (Preferably Java Fern) or tie moss (Preferably Java Moss) to it and create a better aquascape for your tank. It altogether provides multiple purposes to your tank and tank mates.


Make sure you add ‘Live Plants’ into your aquarium so that excess ‘Ammonia’ from the fish excretes and nutrients are ‘taken in by the plants ’ and the ‘Aquarium Cycle’ is maintained. Adding plants is very essential and adding more, simply enhances the beauty of the aquarium and provides ‘More Hiding Space’ for your fishes and shrimps. 


It’s preferable that you use a ‘Hang on Filter’ or ‘Sponge Filters’ in order to make there is a steady flow of water in your aquarium and a stable ‘Water Cycle’ taking place in your Nano Tank. I always make use of Hang-on filters as they are very silent and simply look good for Nano Tanks. There are many ‘Small and Compact’ hang-on filters made ‘Especially for Nano Tanks ’. 


Make sure you add some bundle of moss into the tank, either by tying it to some driftwood or rock or simply using your ‘Creativity’ to place it anywhere around the tank. 

Make use of simple and easy moss at the beginning stage (Java Moss, Pelia, and Flame Moss) to aquascape your Nano Tank as it requires less maintenance. 


Adding ‘INDIAN ALMOND LEAVES’ will simply add nutritional value to your Nano Tank Fishes and Crawlers to sustain a healthy ambience within the tank. 

The tanning of the Indian Almond Leaves also can be used to make black-water tanks for Betta fish Nano tanks. Most importantly, it acts as an ‘Extra Source of Food’ for the shrimps when needed.


Make sure that you choose your fish ‘Wisely’ in order to sustain them in your tank. Some of the best Nano-Tank Fishes include; ‘Tetras, Chilli Rasboras, Otocinclus, Least Killifish, Bumblebee Goby, Betta Fish, Apistogramma, and Corydoras. These small freshwater fishes are the best for any Nano tank due to their size and species. 


Adding Shrimps like the ‘Cherry Shrimps, Amano Shrimps and Mexican Dwarf Crayfish, and Ghost Shrimps. These guys are pretty much friendly with the above Fish and are easy to maintain in your Nano tank. They also scavenge over any leftovers and help in keeping the tank free from algae problems.


Floating plants are very essential for your aquarium. They help in ‘Absorbing excess ammonia’ that is produced by the organisms in your Nano tank and keeping the tank water clear. 


Make sure that you are adding an aquarium light meant for aquariums that could give enough light throughout the tank. Preferably, make use of ‘ADA lights’ or any other well-known brand as they have the right design and dispersion of light that could spread evenly throughout the aquarium.

My Nano Tank Set-up

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