What to Feed your Fish fry

We have all tried breeding our favorite fish and noticed that once the frys are born, we are not sure what to feed them as the usual fish pellets are just too big for them. Not getting the right food is the most common reason why our fish fry die quickly. We need to feed them the right type of fish food so that they are able to eat them and at the same time they are able to digest it. Some of the best food for fish fry include brine shrimps and boiled egg yolk and infusoria. It helps the fish fry grow faster and stay healthy and also result in reduced amount of dead fish fry.

What are the best food to feed your fish frys

Some of the best food to feed your fish frys are brine shrimps, boiled egg yolk, crushed flakes and pellets, infusoria, microworms, and vinegar eels.

Brine shrimps

Brine shrimps are considered the best fry food for almost all fish frys. Most of the fish keepers have the same opinion on brine shrimp to be the best fry food as it is the most nutritious fry food and at the same time it does not make the water dirty. The brine shrimps are a great source of energy and are even fed to fully grown nano tank fishes as well. All you need is a bottle filled with aquarium water, RO water with some baking soda, sea salt and brine shrimp eggs with constant aeration passing through the bottle. Depending on water temperature, brine shrimp cysts take 18-36 hours to hatch. To harvest: After hatching, turn off or remove aeration and wait several minutes for the tiny eggs, larvae and eggs shells to separate. 

Boiled Egg Yolk

Boiled egg yolk has to be one of the best fry foods to feed your fish fry. It has a lot of protein and nutrients that will enable stable and healthy growth to your frys. Preparation of the egg yolk involves boiling the egg and crushing the hard yellow-orange yolk and pouring it in a bottle filled with aquarium water for feeding. However, feeding egg yolk makes the aquarium or fry holder very dirty and foggy. Make sure you keep cleaning the base of the aquarium frequently. 

Crushed Flakes and Pellets

You can also choose to feed the frys some fish-food pellets and flakes by crushing them under a hard surface. Crushed pellets also have a similar amount of nutrients as the egg yolk and it is ideal to feed you guppy frys, platy frys or any livebearer frys. 


Microworms are small microscopic worms that are barely visible to the eyes. You can culture them by mixing a handful of dried oatmeal or mashed potatoes with some aquarium water. You will see them get cultured in a couple of days and you can just scope the microworms out from the side of the container and put it for feeding. Microworms are good for baby rams and rainbow fish frys as a whole. Microworms are nutritious but not as nutritious as the egg yolk or the crushed fish pellets. They last up to 10 hours in the water.

Vinegar eels

Vinegar eels are similar to the size of microworms, with not much of proteins and nutrients for the fish frys, but at the same time, they are excellent to feed tiny frys like that of Baby Rams, and Rainbow fish frys. Vinegar eels are cultured by adding in a piece of apple into an apple cider vinegar and aquarium water. You can culture them pretty easily but at the same time they do not have as much protein as the egg yolks. 


Infusoria are paramecium that are smaller than the Microworms or vinegar eels. They are beneficial for feeding betta fish fry, baby rams, and rainbow fish frys. You can culture infusoria by simply filling a jar or bottle with aquarium water and adding some veggies into the jar with some yeast mixed into it. Infusoria works very well with the fish frys for the first week of their birth. These fit right into the mouth of the frys and are very nutritious as well.

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