How to Set-up a Breeding Tank for Shrimps

All you need is a 10-20 gallon aquarium with sponge filter/hang on filter, and handful of Java moss in order to create a stable breeding tank set-up for freshwater Neocaridina Shrimps. One of the main reasons for us to set-up a breeding tank for freshwater shrimps might be for profits and sales, so if you are deciding to setup an efficient breeding tank for your shrimps, you can simply follow these simple steps, it has helped me in the past few years and I hope it helps you the same.

10-20 Galloon Aquarium

Get a tank that is at least 10 Gallon in order to facilitate a good yield and generate more profits and easier maintenance of your aquarium as a whole. We would suggest you to take a 20 galloon tank in case you want to make better profits out of your tank, and choose anything between 10-15 galloon tank in case you are just experimenting and trying something out of interest.


It is best if you add in some inert soil as the base for the aquarium but however make use of ‘ADA Aqua Soil’ or any other active aqua soil in small pots or containers in order to grow some plants as they help in water cycle and reducing ammonia in your tank.

In case you want a dedicated shrimp breeding tank, it is better that you use a simple soil base to make it easy for maintenance and frequent water changes. keeping your tank substrate as simple as possible and flat is best for breeding than aquascaped shrimp tank. It just makes the whole process of breeding easier.

Simple Sponge Filter

using a simple sponge filter is just way more convenient to use when it comes to shrimp breeding tanks. It is easy to use, easy to clean, and prevents the baby shrimps from getting stuck in the filter. Sponge filters keep a steady flow of water and also help in controlling the ammonia in your shrimp tank.

Java Moss

Just add in some Java Moss into the breeding tank and let it float or submerged, shrimps love to nibble on it and you will find baby shrimps hiding and scavenging for leftover food. Java moss is just more convenient to grow as it is one of the easiest aquatic plants to grow in your tank and have a hardy nature.

Aquarium Light

it is essential for normal aquarium lighting to be present above your breeding tank in order to facilitate the growth of nutrients for the plants in the tank and allow faster growth of the plants and moss.

Single Type of Shrimp

make sure that you add in a single type of shrimp breed or shrimp type in your aquarium. Don’t mix up Neocaridina Shrimps with Caridina Shrimp, and do not try to breed different colors of same Shrimp breed as the offspring may show faded or transparent color or do not show authentic color of the parent shrimps.

Therefore, always choose a singular type of Shrimp for Breeding purpose.

Hiding Spaces

You can add some hiding spaces like coconut shells, stones and plants or hideouts in your breeding tank to provide some privacy to the shrimps and bring some aesthetics to your Breeding tank. Even Pleco hideouts are loved by shrimps.

These are some simple steps for any beginner to create a Shrimp breeding tank at home. But however, you can always choose to bring in more and more plants and more bigger size of aquarium, but being able to maintain them would be hectic and controlling the parasites and unnecessary bacteria would be a task.

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