Top 10 Easy Aquarium Plants for Beginner

Firstly, it is highly recommended that every fish-keeping hobbyist needs to have plants in their aquarium as it does a ‘GREAT JOB’ in using up any kind of nutrients that are toxic or unhealthy for the fishes but healthy for the plant growth. It provides a healthy cycle for the aquarium and acts as a ‘FILTER’ for all the bad chemicals that are produced within your tank. It also proves a large surface area for the growth of ‘Beneficial Bacteria’ as a whole. These plants will not require any kind of ‘CO2’ or ‘experience’ to start off as a beginner in the aquarium community.

Plus, it simply makes your Aquarium look amazing and so much BETTER!


These are funny little plants that are almost impossible to kill or die. You can keep them ‘floating’ in your tank, place them in the back, or simply plant them in the substrate; they’ll grow equally ‘GOOD’.

It does not require any CO2, fertilizer injection, or any nutritional substrate, and it acts as a good hiding space for your young fish or shrimp fry. They grow wild and they also suck in all the bad chemicals within your tank, and it also helps in dealing with the algae in a certain way.

Thus, can also be used as a treatment to cure or reduce algae as a whole 


These are probably something every beginner needs to have in their aquariums. Grows well without CO2 as well. It is simply beautiful and it grows like wild grass creating a carpet-like surface all over your aquarium base under almost any type of substrate.

They are easy to plant, grow fast, and enhance the look of your tank in just a span of a few weeks. Plus, they do not require any kind of extra lighting as they grow fine in normal light, while also providing a hiding space for all the Shrimp and Fish Fry. 


These are basically very long, grassy kinds of plants that grow just like the ‘MICRO SWORDS’, but happen to grow very tall and do not cover the surface of the aquarium base like a carpet.

This plant does not require CO2. They look more like seagrass. You just have to plant a ‘couple of springs’ and it will grow wild in your tank.

They grow under normal sunlight and show excellent growth and color under bright aquarium light. They are almost impossible to ‘KILL’.

In my experience, I have found out that these plants will go well when it comes to creating a minimal aquascape with rocks and driftwood for beginners. 


Honestly, BACOPA was my very own first aquatic plant that I remember buying from my regular pet store. It is a stem plant with round kinds of leaves that I remember that it was so easy to grow just as the shopkeeper told me it was.

It’s easy to plant and they do not need any CO2. You can simply plant it under any substrate and it grows ‘REALLY FAST’. You can also cut the extra growth of the plant and use it as a new plant. They grow excellently under normal light but grow brighter and better when kept under sunlight.

It is a really cool plant that you can keep as a beginner with low maintenance and a normal sand-like substrate. I personally recommend this plant as it also helps in soaking up a lot of nutrients that are not good for the fish in the tank and helps in maintaining a healthy water cycle.

5. CRYPTS (Cryptocoryne)

To be honest, I did not like the way these plants looked at the beginning, but my perspective has changed ever since I’ve had them in my aquarium. They have an oddly beautiful grass-like structure with patterns on their leaves.

These plants tend to have a darker shade of leaves and I’ve noticed, that they grow more baby plants from where they are planted and you can simply take the main plant out and see all the small plants growing around it. 

You can also sell them once they start multiplying at a profit due to their valuable price and aquascaping needs. They do not really need CO2, but show a great rate of growth and enhanced color under CO2 and are designated ‘AQUARIUM LIGHT’. 


These are one of the most interesting plants that I have had in my own aquariums because they come in so many varieties and sizes. They can simply grow excellent when they are tied or glued to a ‘ROCK’ or ‘DRIFTWOOD’.

It starts growing its roots on the hardscape it is tied to and shows excellent growth after a few weeks of its planting. They are a perfect go-to for any beginners that look forward to aquascaping because these guys are very hard to kill and they will not die but survive under most conditions.

They do not need CO2 but show an amazing rate of growth under CO2and Aquarium Light.


These are similar to ‘ANUBIAS’ and they also come in a large variety of leaves, shapes, and sizes. They grow from their steam that looks like a leaf and once tied to any hardscape or driftwood.

They show excellent growth while it gives off small baby plants or ‘Java Ferns’ that you can later plant anywhere around your tank. These plants are easy to maintain, hard to kill, and simply add to the beauty of the tank and aquascape. In the aquarium community, we call such plants ‘hardy’ plants.


JAVA MOSS has to be the best type of aquatic moss for any beginner as it has rapid growth and also serves the purpose of hideout for most of the fry in our tanks.

It can grow excellent when it is put ‘AROUND’ a ‘Driftwood’, ‘Hardscape’, or any other rock or décor you want to cover with moss. It is an excellent choice even as an aquascape due to its fast growth and no requirement for CO2.

It serves a lot of purposes for any beginner from the point of planting, growing, and aquascaping of the aquarium. So, WHY NOT?!!


These plants are very hardy and can be handled under the most varying conditions in the water and your aquarium. They can be grown by simply planting them into the substrate and letting them grow wild and tall. It can be cut from the stems and re-planted again.

They have beautiful leaves and will enhance the beauty of your tank. It can be used for plantation, flotation vegetation, and rooted normally as carpets making a personal hideout for your fish fry.

I have been able to grow them under most conditions and experienced ‘EXCELLENT’ feedback from any guest who sees my aquarium.


This is my personal favorite and at the same time the most efficient aquarium plant that I could have ever invested in as a beginner.

These plants have long leaves and are very hard to kill, and create an amazing background plant for the tank due to their large size, and leaves. Their leaves tend to have a large surface area which I have noticed is highly preferred by my ‘Angel Fishes’ to lay their eggs or Spawn.

They are ‘SUPER EASY’ to grow, do not need CO2, and tend to grow very long and when kept under bright sunlight. You can simply find small runners around the plant once it is settled in the tank which you can later use to plant around your tank.

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