We all share the same feeling as we enter the fish store. We almost feel like grabbing onto all sorts of vibrant colors of fish and invertebrates for our aquarium. But, first we need to understand and know what fish are best suitable for our aquarium and how we can keep them with ease. 

What are the Top 10 Best Beginner Fish for your Aquarium

Some of the best beginner fish include bristlenose pleco, goldfish, rasboras, barbs, angelfish, tetras, corydoras, endler guppies, and khuli loaches.

10. Bristlenose Pleco

Bristle nose plecos come in various colours and sizes, these guys are very interesting to watch, of course they have bristles on their nose and are super easy to keep in community tanks as well. They do not grow more than 4 inches and are friendly with other fish in your tanks. 

These guys are excellent algae eaters and help in keeping the tank free from algae. But however, make sure to add in some driftwood into the aquarium as wood is an essential part of their diet. 

9. Goldfish

I know that some of us would not recommend you keep goldfish as a beginner fish. But I believe, as long as you are willing to do water changes 2 times a week, you can definitely keep goldfish in your aquarium and it will be one of the best beginner fish to keep. Some people avoid keeping goldfish as they create a lot of waste and cause too much ammonia in the tank. But however, this problem can be solved if you keep your aquarium clean.

8. Rasboras

Rasboras come in a bunch of different varieties and colours. They are excellent schooling fish for your aquarium and create an amazing display to the people looking at your tank. These guys are super easy to take care of as long as you feed them small varieties of food grains that fit their tiny mouth size. 

7. Barbs

There are a whole different varieties of Barbs that include Rosy Barbs and Cherry Barbs. if you are more into aggressive fish, Piranha or sharky type of fish, you will love these guys. They swim in groups and at the same time show aggressive movement when you feed them. It is eye candy to watch them move this way. Make sure to add them separately from other fish breeds in your tanks but at the same time keep at least 6 to 8 Barbs to create an excellent school of fish. If you have kids and want them to see some aggressive feeding, these fish are perfect for you.

6. Angelfish

Angelfish are also aggressive eaters and you will see them move instantly when your hand moves around with food. You need to know that these guys grow really big and having a big tank is mandatory for the angelfish. At Least a 20 gallon tank is required to school 2 of them. In addition, they are very easy to breed. If you have a big tank, these guys are pretty easy to keep and are excellent entertainers for your guests and kids. 

5. Corydoras

These guys are very easy to keep and are really cute creatures to keep. These are bottom dwelling fish and create an amazing display when you keep them with Tetras and other begging fish. They will also help in clearing off the food that falls on the ground. It is essential to keep fine gravel or sand in your aquarium as they keep dwelling into the substrate and you don’t want any sharp gravels hurting them.

4. Khuli Loach

These guys are very nocturnal and tend to hide most of the time. I would personally suggest you keep them as they create an amazing display, super easy to keep and at the same time help in creating any food that falls on the base of the aquarium. In addition, I would recommend you to keep them with some Neon Tetras or any top dwelling fishes to create an amazing display for the fish. They are very easy to keep and look like mini-eels in your aquarium.

3. Platy Fish

They are not as inbred as the other guppy fish and they are live-bearers. Super vibrant and super peaceful with other tank mates as well. You can see them aggressively eat the fish food and at the same time breed them easily for profits.

2. Tetras

Tetras as we all know, come in various sizes and types. They are very hardy, and easy to care for. I would suggest you keep them in a planted community tank with some shrimps, bottom dwellers like Khuli Loach and Corydoras. This will create an amazing display for your guests and also create a sustainable water cycle as a whole. 

1. Endler Guppies

Endler Guppies are the easiest fish to keep because these are a smaller variety of guppy and an excellent live-bearer fish that can breed once in every 22 days. Try feeding them small grains of fish food as they have small mouths. In addition, you don’t have to worry about keeping them with their frys as their mouth is too small to even eat the frys. Thus, making them the top best beginner fish for aquarium.  

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