First thing you need to know about betta fish tanks is that they NEED A TANK BIGGER THAN 5 GALLONS. With this we can just jump into getting ourselves a betta fish that we like as the set-up process for betta fish is simple, easy and quick!

Things you Need to Setup a Betta Tank

  • Aquarium (More than 5 Gallons)
  • Aquarium Substrate
  • Anubais, or any other aquatic plant
  • Filter (Optional)
  • Aquarium light (Optional)
  • Heater

We are good to go once you have the essentials mentioned above,

Setup Process of Betta Tank


choose an aquarium that is more than 5 Gallons and decide where you would like to keep your betta fish tank. Clean the tank with tap water and avoid using soap or any other detergents!.

Aquarium Substrate

Make sure to add in any kind of aquarium substrate, it could either be ADA Aqua soil, Inert Substrate, Sand, or Fine Gravel. Add the substrate of your choice into the aquarium and scape the substrate however you’d like it to be. 

Aquatic Plant

Make sure to add in some kind of aquatic plant, preferably any Beginner Plant for the aquarium. This will just make the entire process of maintenance easier and at the same time add on to the aesthetics of your aquarium. I usually make use of anubias as I can simply tie it to any piece of driftwood, or rock and let it grow itself wild. 

Aquarium Filter

Filter is optional as long as you decide to regularly do water changes to your aquarium  (up to 40%). In other cases, it is preferable that you use a hang-on filter or a simple bio-sponge filter for the tank as they are silent and do excellent work for the price. There is no need for you to choose any power filter as long as the tank is more than 10 gallons. 

Aquarium Light

Aquarium light is optional as you can simply place the aquarium near indirect sunlight or on a study desk where sufficient light will fall on your betta tank. In case you are not using any beginner plants like Anubias, Java Ferns, Java Moss, Water Wisteria, or Water Sprite, you can choose to have a simple aquarium light for your Betta fish tank. 


A submersible aquarium is needed in order to maintain the temperature of your betta fish tank. Since Betta fish are tropical breeds, coming from Thailand, they require a tropical temperature of 78-80 degrees Fahrenheit. 

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