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    Japanese Cat Fishing Figurine Toy for Aquariums & Ponds


    Make your Aquarium more adorable with this cat figurine. This lovely little cat décor has been trending among Japanese Aquarium hobbyists for quite some time now. And now it’s available for you as well!

  • Siphon Mesh Filter to Protect your Fish & Shrimps


    This device is designed to protect your fish and shrimp from getting sucked into the siphon tube while doing water changes. This makes your work earlier and more hands-free. This mesh is made of high-quality metal which does not rust and will last a lifetime.

  • Floating Aquarium Feeding Ring


    It is made from high-quality durable plastic and is wear resistant. It naturally floats on the water and is matched with a black suction cup.

    It is used to prevent food from spreading across the surface of the water, and also keeps floating plants clear. This will prevent food from getting sucked into the skimmer and keeps the water clean.

    It also provides an area to see through to watch your fish eat if you have any floating plants.

  • Acrylic Rack for Aquascaping Tools


    Keep your Aquascaping tools organized white the help of this rack specifically designed for holding your aquascaping tools. Helps you in being organized as well as a place to let your tools dry naturally once you’re done using them.

    This rack can be mounted beside your tank with the included acrylic screws for easy access and can be removed easily. The acrylic screws ensure that they will not scratch your aquarium glass as acrylic is softer than glass.