Top 11 Tank Mates for Shrimps

Shrimps have always been the cutest and the most beautiful crawlers roaming around our tanks, but unfortunately, they are also delicious to most of the other fishes in the tank. So here are the ‘Top 11 Tank mates that you can add along with your shrimps’; Amano Shrimps, Otocinclus Catfish, Rasboras, Corydoras, Guppies, Khulli Loaches, Tetras, Snails, Thai Micro Crabs, and Plecos.



These guys are pretty much the same size or just a little bigger than the average cherry red shrimps, so it wouldn’t really be an issue by keeping them along with the other shrimps in your tank. 

In addition, you could also add ‘Bamboo shrimps or Vampire Shrimps’ as they are pretty much focused on filtering out the particles in the water only.


These guys are just soo cute and shy; they hardly come out of their hiding places and could hardly do anything that would bother their other tank mates or shrimps in the tank. 


Snails come in a bunch of varieties and sizes, like the ‘Nerite Snails’, ‘Mystery Snail’, or ‘Asian Trumpet Snails’. All these guys are pretty much safe to add into your tank with other shrimps, but however, make sure that the shrimps are getting enough food and nutrition as well, as these snails might scavenge better than the shrimps and take in most of the protein that they find on the base of the aquarium.



These are amazing fishes that are also considered to be the best ‘Nano Algae Eaters’ that can be added into your Nano tanks or aquariums. These guys are ‘Super Peaceful’ and since they are ‘Slow Eaters’, they do not cause any problems to the ‘Shrimps’ in the Tanks and can be considered as one of the best Tank mates for your shrimps.


These guys are pretty small and tend to have a mouth that is meant for scrapping off the algae off your tanks, and at the same time are very peaceful for your shrimps and other tank mates as well. 

They help in maintaining the tank cycle and also keep the tank clean.


These guys are small and tend to be very peaceful and shall do fine with your shrimps in the aquarium. In addition, these guys are excellent tank cleaners and algae eaters and help in keeping your Nano tank Glass clean. Make sure to add only the smaller varieties of Plecos that are suitable for nano tank aquariums, like the Bristle Nose pleco, Clown Pleco, Gold Spot Dwarf Pleco, and Swarf Snowball Pleco.



Tetras have always been one of the most common ‘Go-To’ Nano Tank fishes by most of us due to their excellent color and vibrant ‘Neon’ stripes on their body. They add on to the overall beauty of the tank and are super peaceful among the shrimps in your Nano tank Aquariums.


Again, these guys are very colorful as well and add to the beauty of the entire tank and are able to maintain peaceful nature with the shrimps in your tank. In addition, these guys are super cute and tiny, so it’s preferred that you add a big group of them to your tank to add to the beauty of your Aquarium.


It’s preferred that you add in a ‘small variety of Corydoras’ in your tanks and bring about a sense of large groups of them to enhance the cleaning of your tank without having any problems being caused to your shrimps.


‘Endless guppies and the normal guppies’ can be added to your shrimp tank without any worry when you have a ‘large amount of moss carpet or Java moss hideouts’ growing in your tank base.


These guys are very interesting and fascinating to look at. They look like a miniature version of an eel and tend to move at a very quick speed. They are peaceful and tend to hide through the day and come out more during the night. They are very peaceful and do not cause any problems to the shrimps.

Considering the above Tank mates that are suitable for your Shrimps, always, note that you make sure you provide enough food for each of the tank mates and provide enough hiding space and moss to build a healthy and friendly atmosphere for your shrimps and other tank mates as a whole. Everyone has got their own opinions on the above tank mates being suitable or not for the shrimps. But I personally found these tank mates to be very friendly and peaceful when put together with my shrimps.

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